Air Handler-Furnace

At the heart of your system is the Air Handler, the unit that helps heat and distribute your air in the winter and distributes cooled air (if you have AC or heat pump) during the summer.

Heat Pumps AC

If you need a new outdoor unit or are looking to upgrade to a better, more reliable and energy efficient one, we carry a wide array of heat pumps and air conditioners. These units will provide you with a lower power bill and a comfortable, quiet environment for your home.


If you need to create an independent comfort zone in your home, consider the use of a mini split ductless system. With the added VRV Life Systems we carry, you can combine a furnace with ductless mini split heads to achieve one of the most flexible and comfortable systems possible.


Our line up of touchscreen thermostats include simple, easy to use, non internet enabled controls, review the health of your system and alert you to some impending failures. Whatever your needs may be we have the controls that will meet them.


Most multi-level homes have hot and cold spots on floors. With the proper ductwork, zoning can be the ideal solution for you. Once you have experienced a zoned system in your home you will wonder how you ever got along without one.


Whether you want a bypass humidifier or a whole home humidifier, we have the unit that will help keep your home at your desired humidity level.


We carry various options from UV germicidal light to multi-filtrations systems which contain both UV lights and carbon filters.


Whether you use 5", 4" 2" or 1" filters, MERV 8, 10, 13 or even 16, we have you covered. Do you need carbon filters that perform odor removal? We can take care of that too.

Commercial Units

We have a wide variety of rooftop package units and 3 phase split systems to choose from, contact us to learn more.