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Mini Splits

If you need to create an independent comfort zone in your home, consider the use of a mini split ductless system. With the added VRV Life Systems we carry, you can combine a furnace (or even two) with ductless mini split heads to achieve one of the most flexible and comfortable systems possible.

We carry systems ranging from 1 zone all the way up to 9 zones that can be independently controlled with just one outdoor unit.

A mini split can be a cost effective way to retrofit an area in your home without the added construction costs and time it will take to open up your floor, ceiling and/or walls.

You can also add air conditioning to a room or home with baseboard heating or to back up basement heating with another system.

Give us a call if you want us to evaluate the feasibility of a mini split system for your home.

*Chelan PUD rebates of $1,000.00 are available depending on your current heating system. Please call for details.