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Heat Pumps AC

If you need a new outdoor unit or are looking to upgrade to a better, more reliable and energy efficient one, we carry a wide array of heat pumps and air conditioners, that when properly matched to you air handler’s (furnace) coil, will provide you with a lower power bill and a comfortable, quiet environment for your home.

We carry options with:

  • 1-stage
  • 2-stage
  • variable-speed capabilities

All of our Daiken equipment and Lennox Elite equipment includes noise reducing features.

You will be able to enjoy both inside and outside of your home.

Want to save more money?

We are a PTCS Certified installer with several PUD rebate programs, which when switching to a heat pump system, can qualify you for a $1,400.00 rebate.

*$500.00 rebate applies when you replace a current heat pump system.

Please call for details and system qualifications.