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Air Handler-Furnaces

Regardless of whether you have an outside air conditioning unit, heat pump or nothing at all, the air handler is the unit that helps heat and distribute your air in the winter and distributes cooled air (if you have AC or heat pump) during the summer. 

Different homes have different needs which is why we have a wide array of models to choose from:

  • Single-speed Merit Series Units: valued priced for your more basic installations and homes
  • Single-speed high-torque Elite Series Units: capable of overcoming some of the most common ductwork issues found in today’s homes.

If you feel like being pampered and having a system that will last you longer then choose one of our:

  • Variable-speed Signature Series Units: slowly ramps up to full speed, eliminating sudden blasts of cold air during the winter. Also has a low airflow rate in constant circulation mode, keeping your home at an even temperature and reducing wear and tear